Friday, October 3, 2014

Of Davao City Taxis

My work takes me further down south more often than most places. The dynamics in Davao City is such that business have been sprouting up and a lot of economic and touristy stuff are happening all at the same time. 

I tell you, for those who have not been here, YOU have to come! Because a they say, "Life is here ...". Locals jokingly say as well that for criminals, "Life ends here..."

But tagline aside, Davao City truly is a MUST visit local place. And for people visiting the city, you will be amazed at how polite and honest the taxi or cab drivers are in the city. When you land at the Francisco Bangoy International Airport, and take a taxi, there is a mandatory lane that you have to pass as you exit. An officer will get your name. Please give your real name. It's not a hoax, the reason for this is to track passengers and taxi's. I've heard that driver's return items left in their taxis at the airport and you can ask the airport to track the taxi you rode in if you left items inside. Nice!

The Davao City taxi driver's are also easy to talk to. They usually talk about Davao with pride. Yes, this is despite the 30, 40 and 60kph speed limit rules in their city. And mind you, this is heavily enforced! Yes friends, pls plan your time when you travel in the city. Driver's DO follow the rules.

And when you're inside their cab, their ID's are highly visible. Unlike those OMG taxis in Manila where the drivers look shady! And when you're near your destination, most would ask if you want a receipt. "O di ba?" 
Taken with permission from Driver Ike (Aug 2014)
Yep, indeed, when I ride any taxi in Davao, I feel secure and safe. Just bring your waze or use google maps to check where you are as you take the taxi ride so you can view the city map as well. Davao City taxi's are also known for giving you your exact change. 

And today, when I rode the taxi to airport, saw a new sign that caught my attention. It's a 20% senior citizen and PWD discount given to passengers. I asked the driver if they really give it. He said yes, and sometimes the driver narrates, the passenger is the one who say, "imo na lang ang discount", and don't avail. Wow! And so I asked again if they ask for ID like most establishments who give these discounts, he said, "di na maam, kita ra man". You see, they don't even ask for ID, they just visually check you!
Sign inside taxi giving senior citizen and PWD discount
Now this is what you call real taxi service! So I alighted my cab and handed him P140, the meter said P142. So I hurriedly opened my wallet to get more cash, but the driver said, "ok ra na ma'am". I thanked him and got off. Boy, if this was in Manila ... I could just imagine!!! 

I am again a happy and satisfied, taxi passenger in Davao City! I wish the local governments of our cities get to transform our cab drivers to be like the Davao City taxi drivers, courteous, honest and law abiding, then riding these PUVs wouldn't be a struggle all the time! You know what I mean!

Mrs Jane B is inviting everyone to visit Davao and enjoy the city. Will be writing more about Davao soon ...

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